PPC Management Services in Vancouver, WA

Get the most from paid advertising and start appearing in front of the right audiences with PPC services. With a process that optimizes keywords and has ad management, you’ll generate a greater number of leads and increase the chances for conversion.

Foxhound Digital has done an outstanding job for us. What makes them better than the other PPC agencies we tried previously is that they took the time to understand our business. I get the sense they genuinely care about their customer’s performance and treat our ad budget as their own.


Making PPC A Smart Investment

Create a digital campaign that’s effective and becomes a positive ROI for your business. Get paid media services that are optimized not just for clicks but for maximum conversions. Immediate ROI is a bonus, but long term PPC can generate continuous revenue.

Guarantee your spot at the top and generate greater brand awareness. Take advantage of a PPC management program that drives targeted traffic and boost click through rates to your site, increasing leads and conversions.

How It’s Done

Take full advantage of a PPC Campaign with Google AdWords and data driven keyword research

Optimizing your website and building landing pages for conversion

For maximum number of clicks, combine identified keywords with creative ads and compelling content.

Identifying low volume keywords

Identify optimum return keyword sets that require minimum investments to be run.

Setting up conversion tracking

Install tracking codes on your website to track clicks and conversions.

Tracking and Reporting

You’ll receive reports that include analysis of all key metrics.

More than just generating traffic, each of the steps are planned to achieve a single goal: a greater revenue stream.

Results, Results, Results

Excellent PPC is never ‘set it and forget it.’ It’s focused on results with an eye on the long game. Include thorough monitoring, reporting and retargeting and it’s beginning to look like a focused but agile PPC Campaign.

To maximize your ROI, you’ll get monitored ad campaigns adjusted according to the data. We look for ways to optimize your campaign, including ad position testing ,standard ad split testing and landing page testing. Detailed tracking data allows fine tuning and incrementally improves performance over time.

A Personal Touch

At Foxhound Digital, we’re not just another conglomerate digital marketing agency. Those are too distant, too impersonal. Whether you sign up for a comprehensive online optimization campaign or à la carte paid media services, you’ll get up-front pricing and clear communication. If we don’t think it’s going to make you money, simple, we won’t run that campaign and we’ll tell you why.

Your success is our priority and rigorous monitoring and retargeting of focus to maximize click-through rates delivers higher conversions in the long term. This is how we eclipse other agencies in Vancouver, WA.

One City One Partner

Partnership with us means we’re focused on you: we won’t work with the competition! Each campaign is a challenge to get the best possible results for that client in that city. Foxhound Digital’s success comes from yours and we like it that way.

Invest in PPC that’s data driven, has a methodology that works and is religiously monitored to increase organic traffic and develop recurring revenue.

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