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Are the right people seeing your website?

Don’t get lost among the competition. Better search rankings means more business.

Cleaning business SEO is not a one-size fits all practice, and we’re dedicated to helping small businesses just like yours. We love small business because we are small business, and we succeed when you do. Our Vancouver WA SEO experts will help your website rank higher, appear in more searches, get more clicks, and ultimately deliver more qualified leads so you can get back to doing what you do best – building your empire.

Any good business starts with a good relationship, and because of this, we only work with one client per industry, per city. What we do is truly special and to make something great, we’ll focus solely on you, and how you can level up your brand.

“We’re getting excellent leads every week just from google searches. Foxhound Digital has been great to work with.”

Barbra Richardson

Owner, Evergreen Cleaning Service

How we do it

We treat your cleaning business as the unique organization it truly is. We improve rankings, increase awareness, and drive traffic to your site in a way that is built and optimized for you.

Your business is special, so we’ll collaborate with you to create a cleaning company SEO plan that fits your unique hopes, pain points, and goals for your company. From there, we’ll use analytics, a relentless commitment to detail, and industry best practices to help you differentiate from the competition and show your current and future customers what makes you best-in-class. Our Vancouver Wa cleaning company SEO marketing process involves:

  • Keyword research
  • Web design
  • Content creation
  • Website optimization
  • Social media advertising
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Link acquisition

By combining proven ant ethical SEO techniques, we make sure Google can find your website so your patients, clients, and customers can, too.



Gain in organic traffic



New Booking Growth



Increase in recurring revenue

Have you…

  • Been burned by an SEO agency in the past?
  • Overspent on traditional marketing?
  • Tried to bring SEO in-house without the results you’d hoped for?

Foxhound Digital can help. We’re not like other SEO agencies and have the reputation – and the results – to prove it

How We’re Different

Your success is at the heart of everything we do.

We understand the unique challenges that face small businesses online, and we’re especially suited to help you overcome anything that’s holding you back from achieving your goals. We create campaigns, sites, SEO strategies, and more to help you differentiate from your competitors and land the best possible clients, customers, leads, patients, and prospects.

We love what we do and so will you

Star reviews all day


Client Retention Rate

Client in each city per industry

We’re proud to call Vancouver Washington home, but we work with clients throughout the US. We’re excited to work with small businesses who want a long-term partner invested in their success.

Why Hire A Professional SEO In Vancouver?

Are you struggling with SEO and ranking your website in Google? Nowadays, it’s critical that companies focus on their online marketing efforts or get left behind by their competitors. Over the last 10 years, we have seen an online revolution which has ushered in a new age of advertising. Traditional methods such as print, radio, TV, and more are quickly becoming worthless in the age of smartphones and internet streaming. Over the last decade print, radio, and TV has lost millions of viewers and are set to lose millions more in the next 5-10 years. As technology rapidly advances it’s up to forward-thinking business owners to position themselves to profit from the digital age.

Over the last few years, Foxhound Digital has helped our clients with search engine optimization on their websites and dramatically to  help improve their Google rankings. Today I’m excited to announce that we are now offering search engine optimization Vancouver WA and digital marketing services in Vancouver. As the top-ranked company in the State of Oregon, we pride ourselves in our ability to safely and consistently rank at the top of the Google search engines. In fact, the majority of our new customers come from happy clients who are now reaping the benefits of rankings #1 in Google.


Increase In Search Engine Visibility

If you own a small business, it’s now more important than ever to focus on your digital marketing efforts. Our cleaning company SEO Vancouver  company can help optimize your website, create your Google Business Listing, improve social media profiles, and drive targeted traffic to your website. Companies that don’t actively invest in search engine optimization will quickly become irrelevant in the new and changing digital landscape.

Our SEO strategy is simple, we work with the major search engines to optimize your website in a way that gives them the information they need to rank you correctly. In fact, search engines are simply “bots” looking for specific keywords in specific places on the internet. If you can effectively position your website for the keywords that will convert into new and paying customers then your business will experience massive growth and a very high ROI. Studies show that on average, the ROI (return on investment) received on digital marketing campaigns is greater than the ROI of traditional advertising mediums.


Digital Marketing In Vancouver

When taking on a new client in Vancouver WA, we will do a comprehensive analysis of their website and other online properties. After this initial research phase is complete we develop the plan of action that will effectively and safely increase your companies search engine rankings. This initial phase of research and direction is free for all business owners who fill out our Discovery Form. This short questionnaire will give us the critical information we need to give you the best analysis possible. At this point in the process, the ball is in your court. If you choose to work with us, we will then explain the whole process and sign the necessary paperwork.

At Foxhound Digital, we are so confident in our SEM strategy that we don’t believe in locking you into long-term contracts. Instead, we will work with you on the month to month basis until we have achieved your search engine ranking goals. If for any reason, at any time, you are unsatisfied with the process simply stop paying us. We are so confident in our ability to improve your rankings, that in most cases we can offer a Google First Page guarantee. This is almost entirely unheard of in our industry, but as the top-ranked SEO company in Vancouver WA and in Oregon, we are confident in our ability to help your business grow.


Where To Get Started ForCleaning Company  SEO services in Vancouver

If your Vancouver WA business is struggling online, then now is the time to move forward and invest in SEO and digital marketing. The pace of technology growth is only increasing, and those companies who stay ahead of the curve will see the largest increase in market share over the next few years. Customers are searching Google more than ever to look up information on where to shop, where to eat, and what services to use.

Our Cleaning company SEO services can help increase your website rankings and open up a whole new revenue stream for your company. Learn how our professional SEO consultant Firm can help you online business grow. Fill out our contact form and receive a free website SEO analysis or call us today at (360) 718-3055 for more information.


What If You Live Outside Vancouver WA?

We can help! Contact us above and lets us know what you need help with. We service businesses and companies not just in Vancouver Washington, but all over the world. Give us a call a get a complimentary free SEO analysis video for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much do your SEO services cost?
Our monthly retainer ranges from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on which services we can help provide.
Will your SEO strategy work for me?
Your success is our success, so we we don’t take on any clients that we don’t think will benefit from our expert services But we won’t work with you if we don’t think we can get you results. It’s just one of the reasons proud to have a 97% client retention rate.

While we can’t promise we’ll get your website to the #1 ranking in Google (and if any SEO agency makes that promise, they’re not being honest!), we are confident that a partnership with us will help your business grow in meaningful ways.

How long until my rankings improve?
Google rankings don’t reflect changes instantly, and an SEO strategy must focus on long-term gains. That’s why we ask you to commit to working with us for at least six months. We’ll lay the groundwork in the first two months, move the needle. in months three and four, and see real results by months five and six.
Do you guarantee results?
No one can predict Google with 100% accuracy., but we’re confident you’ll be very impressed by the results we achieve together. We’re extremely motivated to help our clients reach their goals, and we have almost a decade of experience doing just that.
Will you share results and progress with me?
Absolutely. Every month, we’ll send you a customized report based on Google Analytics data that spells out how much traffic your site received, how many people clicked, how many leads you received through your website, the number of phone calls driven by your website, and more. We’ll also outline next steps and our strategy for the next month. Your questions and feedback are always welcome and encouraged.
How soon can you start?
Almost immediately! Once you sign the contract and pay the first month’s retainer, we spring into action. We’re as excited as you are to see what we can get done together!
How can we help?

Your business is our passion, so let’s talk about your growth, goals, and how we can get you there!